I sure am sick of trying to make celebrities out of the most boring and dull people, with their depraved and glutinous, insignificant consumer lives that will inevitably end in some average and predictable way, like a mouse getting its foot caught in its own exercise-wheel. Spinning and spinning until it dies of starvation, unable to free itself from the thing that they thought would bring them everlasting joy. ? Beauty Market

I think humans need to understand that for all the greatness our brainpower allows us to achieve, living a parasitic lifestyle will not be sustainable with our numbers in the long term. We have to see now that achieving a perfect symbiosis with nature is the way to go, or nature will kill us off forcefully before we ruin nearly everything on land and in the sea.

All around my town there are places with cigarette butts, except by that one sign.

It was an afternoon like any other, and I had just picked up a pack of smokes from the busy drugstore on the corner of Broadway Ave. It was a nice October day too, not yet cold, and still sunny enough to walk through downtown while having my first cigarette since pay-day while enjoying the urban scenery on my way home from the office.

I strode down Capitol Hill, inhaling and giving a puff here and a puff there, when I reached an alleyway as the cig became short and was nearly finished.
“This would be a good place to let this go,” I thought, but just as I was about to throw the butt on the ground, I noticed the “DO NOT ENTER” sign a short way into the alleyway’s entrance. But this sign was different. It had been worn and scratched so that it had the “T” and the left leg of the “N” in the word “ENTER” was missing. This made the sign look like it read, “DO NOT EVER” instead. Huh, do not ever…what? It seemed subtly threatening, but curiously laughable at the same time. Nevertheless, I threw my finished cigarette to the ground in the alleyway and watched the  embers’ glow fade to a dull brown-gray and the smoke trickle to a fine wisp.

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Turning my work education into a creepy experience. XD

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