the other day my music theory teacher asked my class if we were tired and the whole class yelled YES so he flipped off the light switch and said “then go to sleep” and then just left the room omfg


more recently we got to class and he said to this kid isaac “you hungry?” and he was like yeah so everyone chipped in some cash and we just ordered a pizza


he gives everyone a piece of chocolate at the beginning of every class period

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the distance || a turbo fst


y’all have permission to shoot me now <:

[download || tracks under cut]

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I liked this playlist so I created a mirror of it on youtube here:

But I added a couple other songs like quick brown fox’s “I’m a fucking car” and a remix of the Rally X theme.

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I want to make a mix cd guys,


of all the songs that that make you feel at peace with your otherkin/therian-ness.
I’ll post some of mine, if you guys share some of yours?
Music is a biiiiig part of my life, and has really given me an outlet for everything I have/am going through, I think it’d be cool to have an understanding with you folks on a musical level? If that makes any sense, haha :)
So please, hit me up with some tunes that make you feel awesome with who you are, I think this will be a neat little experiment! :) 

Not really an otherkin song, but this one immediately came to mind,
Goddess chant:

I also remember this one from a few winters ago. It’s so catchy!
Bard Dance:

And I’m no owl, but I really enjoy this song from the Gaurdian’s of Gahoole credits by Owl city called “To the Sky” :

Dark Black Forest… !??! Silly/Weird/Creepy techno song.

Jem, 24 Hours

Uhh.. Beetlejuice? Idk. Enjoy? Or dont. I tried haha. Songs like this work for me.

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